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Comment if you want to roleplay with me!

Kinda stolen from Flameisawesome but jeebus I need to RP more D:
I'm not too picky on couples, but they have to be officials

I will be...:

I don't like the other characters enough to be them XD but really I'm not picky, I'll even do Espio x Sonic if you really want :3

ALSO! Let me know whether we are doing it in a script writing form


Espio: *eats pot of noodles quietly* ...*sighes and looks up at the clock* *thinks-he's been gone a while...*

Or in a more literate form

Espio sat at the sofa, the clock being the only thing he could hear other then the slurping coming from his own mouth as he ate the noodles. The slurping wasn't very loud though, Espio was always known for his silence even in the noisiest of scenarios. He was waiting for a certain crocodile to get home with Charmy, as he went to pick up the bee from his 'friends' house, Cream the rabbit. He sighed and diverted his eyes to the clock and let a sigh escape his mouth. He's been gone a while... he thought, his paranoia sinking it. But he shook it off and decided to think nothing of it as he continued to eat his noodles.

Mini Story Time, Number 2!


He sat where he always did; Two seats down from me. His tongue touching his horn as he continued to scribble away. His shirt tucked into those blue denim jeans and glasses falling ever so slightly. I heard his hums, his soft sighs and his questions that he asked our teacher. 
I put my hands in my pockets and looked down at my table, my blank sheet of paper and pen resting on it, not a piece of ink on the paper. My eyes narrow as I glanced over at him. He never noticed me, no one ever did. This can be seen as a good and a bad thing; If people found out they were looking at me they might think I was gay, if he noticed me looking I'd want to tell him I'm gay.

Everyone knew he was gay, he had nothing to be afraid of. He was the biggest loser in our school, not to me, but to everyone else. 

Their classification of 'loser' is probably: Someone who has insecurities, is homosexual and finds it hard to make friends. They are a nerd and a teachers pet.

When a loser actually is: 
+  a person or thing that loses or has lost something, especially a game or contest, a person who is disadvantaged by a particular situation or course of action, a person who accepts defeat with good or bad grace, a person who fails frequently or is generally unsuccessful in life or a card that is expected to be part of a losing trick
He is neither of these things.
In fact, in my eyes he is not a loser at all.
I envy him. He didn't have a care in the world what people thought, he lived with no status. He roamed about, flaunting his freedom, the freedom I could never have, because of my status. 
I can admit to being popular. Not that I necessarily want it.

Being popular may not be a good thing: liked or admired by many people or by a particular person or group

This means I have now unwillingly got to live up to a role. The one the girls want to be with; the ones the guys want to be. I have to keep up with my fashion; skills; music. I have to be a role model.
I have to be someone I don't want to be
I can't be myself.
This is why I stare at him daily. He can come out and sure he'll get beat up, but he can't get ranked worse, he's the lowest in our school. Me? If I even jokingly said that, it'd go around faster then lightning and I would be criticized so much more then he was. I would end up living in a complete and utter nightmare. If everyone knew I was Bi-curious.
I can't tell anyone, every single one of my friends are back stabbers and gossipers. And yet this makes people like them more? Because it's so fun to humiliate someone? I never understood this. Unlike them, I was the quiet type or as people would say, the 'dark horse' of our group. Quiet, but loud. And he was what people called 'the school fag.' But he seemed satisfied with his title and I gave him credit for fucking ignoring the shit. I couldn't wait til the say he got all his grades and the others worked for him. It made me grin slightly.
Before any more thoughts could happen, I snapped into reality when the teachers voice began to drown my ears. My eyes kept in the same place, slightly narrowed as if in thought. But I noticed, I noticed he'd noticed me noticing. His body had sunk slightly and he was looking at me in curiosity. I smiled, he smiled. 
Groans could be heard and my eyes looked around the classroom, watching everyone get up off their seats. He, too, pushed himself up, eyes still looking at me, lips pressed against his own teeth and giving me a small, cute smile. He'd been through so much and yet he was still able to smile, it made me want to give him an even bigger smile. Someone tapped me on the shoulder and I jumped up, talking to them. The words coming out of my mouth were a bunch of bullcrap, and from the corner of my eye I was looking at the chameleon walk over to the window and leant against it, closing his eyes slightly. Once the bell was heard people began to leave the class, my mind began to think if there was anything I could ask our teacher to try and stay alone with him, he'd always sit in the classroom. My friends looked at me as I stood there like a penguin, and laughed before walking off. These were 'my friends' after all. I turned to him and walked over to him slowly, head hung low, but eyes were looking at his soft yellow eyes. 

"Hey there Espio." I just about got out of my mouth; I hadn't spoken to him for at least half a year.
"You alright?" 

He tilted his head slightly and pushed his glasses up to stop them from falling.
"Why yes thank you." His voice had always been a tad bit too formal to fit with the norms of our class, it had a hint of British in it, but it was so adorable. "Did you need me for something?" 

I looked up and bit my lip, trying to think of what to say. "No, just wanted to say hi."

"Ah, well, okay then." His voice sounded slightly disappointed, he fiddled with his fingers slightly. "I'll see you next lesson."

I nodded. "Yeah...Do you have a phone?"

"Uh...Yes, why?" I blushed, letting my ears droop down slightly in embarrassment. "Shadow?" 

"Do you want my number? I...You seem...Nice. Wait that came out wrong you are nice." I tried to smile despite the nerves. "And I need a getaway from this drama." 

"Really?" He seemed shocked I'd even asked. "W-Well I'd love that but what about your friends they'll make fun of you for having my phone number and I don't want you to go through something you don't deserve."

"You don't deserve it either." I paused and waited for him to respond, but he looked somewhat in a shell-shock. "I'm...I'm sorry" I muttered, "I should've been there for you like you were for me."

"Don't worry Shadow, I am just happy you haven't given up on me."


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Call me Spi! :iconloveredplz:

I usually comment on good art, even if I don't support the couple/message :iconloveredplz:

My favourite couple is Shadpio/Espadow/Espio x Shadow
But I do support many more!

Some others I support are...
:bulletred:Vecpio (Vector x Espio)
:bulletorange:Knuxpio (Knuckles x Espio)
:bulletyellow:Knuxadow (Shadow x Knuckles)
:bulletgreen:Charmails (Charmy x Tails)
:bulletblue:Sonails (Sonic x Tails)
:bulletpurple:Shadilver (Shadow x Silver)
:bulletpink:Espilver (Espio x Silver)
:bulletwhite:Omegadow (Shadow x Omega)

:rose: I also support every Mephiles couple xD I couldn't choose just one to put up there!
:rose: I do like sonadow, shails but it's not one of my ultra faves >w<;
:rose: The main hetero couples I support are Vecilla (Vector x Vanilla), Tream (Tails x Cream), Chaream (Charmy x Cream) and Knuxouge (Knuckles x Rouge)

:la: There are also some nintendo characters I love! Such as...:la:
:dummy:Dry Bones
:dummy:Shy Guy

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